Adoption and Sponsorship

We are a small Branch which is solely run by volunteers.  Unfortunately, we do not have an animal centre for people to visit and we do not have enough funding for a cattery or kennels of our own. 

Due to this, we have to pay a private cattery to look after our cats and are in desperate need of fosterers to look after our pregnant mums and kittens, as there are many that come through our doors looking for a loving home.

Rabbits, Chickens and Ferrets

We occasionally have rabbits, chickens or ferrets which come into our care and if you are interested, please contact us on 01462 672278 or 484862 and we will advise if we have any in our care at that time.


If you wish to adopt a dog, please contact your nearest RSPCA Animal Centre, as we do not take in dogs.


If you wish to adopt a cat, please read through our adoption procedure below and if you wish to go ahead, we would be happy to help with any queries you may have.

1.  Enquiry

Call us on 01462 672278 or 484862 telling us what type of cat you are looking for.  Our Cat Co-Ordinator or Home Visitor will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a home visit.

2. Home Visit

Not every cat will suit your specific environment.  We carry out a home visit to ensure that we find a cat or kitten that best fits your circumstances and where you live.  Home visits are also a chance for you to ask questions and discuss in more detail how to care for an RSPCA cat or kitten.

If you live outside of our area, we will arrange for your local RSPCA Branch or Animal Centre to do the visit on our behalf.

Once you have passed your home visit, the Cat Co-Ordinator or Home Visitor will advise you of where the cat/kitten is located for you to arrange to see them. This will be by appointment only and cannot be seen before the home visit.

We also carry out a second (post home) visit after the adoption.  This can be anything from 3-6 months after the adoption to check that the kitten/cat has settled in and is happy and also that you and your family are happy with your new family member.

3. The right cat or kitten for you

If you or your family are out at work all day, we would prefer you to adopt a pair of kittens (not a single one)  or a slightly older / adult cat.

Please note that we do not re-home kittens under 6 months to families with children under 7 years of age.

We would also not recommend elderly or disabled people to take on kittens as they can cause accidents and are more difficult to look after.  We would recommend an older cat for company who is a little more settled.

4. Taking home your new family member

Once you have chosen your new family member, we would normally ask you to reserve it whilst you go home to consider whether the new addition is right for you, your home and your family.  We would also ask you to seriously consider whether you can afford to take care of all of its needs, bearing in mind that a cat can live to at least 20 years of age.

During Christmas and New Year, this can be a very busy time of year with visitors and the opening of presents and parties. At normal times of the year it can be hard for a cat or kitten to settle in and we would ask if you are having a busy festive period, to think of the animals needs and have your new pet when the home is back to normal and more settled. This will be much less stressful for the cat/kitten to settle into family life.

Once you have made the decision and you wish to go ahead, you can then contact the cattery or fosterer to arrange collection at a mutallly convenient time and day, and at that time you will pay them the adoption fee and sign the adoption papers.

We will transfer any microchip details to yourself which can take up to 6-8 weeks.

5. Adoption Fee

Whilst love and attention is free, other aspects such as veterinary treatment, neutering, vaccinating, microchipping, de-fleaing/worming, food and litter, as well as the daily rate of the cat staying in the cattery or vet surgery has to be paid for.

The average cost of a cat during its time in our care is £170.  All we ask for in return is a minimum donation/adoption fee of £70 for one cat or £120 for two.

For kittens up to 6 months, we include a microchip and pay half the cost of the neutering, when the kitten is old enough to be neutered at 6 months, by sending a voucher to your veterinary surgery and we would ask you to pay for the vaccinations.

For kittens over 6 months and adult cats, we carry out an FIV test, neuter, vaccinate, microchip, and give regular flea and worm treatment.

6. Donations

If you are able to give us a donation on top of paying the fee, this will help toward the care and treatment of the next cat we take into our care.

7. Advice and Support

If you have any queries or require advice and guidance after taking your cat home, please give the Branch or the Cat Co-Ordinator a call.

8. Sponsorship

If you wish to sponsor one of our elderly cats that is in long term foster care, please contact us.



Animals Looking for Homes

 Please contact us on 01462 672278 or 484862 if you wish to adopt 

The RSPCA Hertfordshire East Branch is a registered Charity No. 208244