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Love animals and want to volunteer to make a difference in your local area?

Enquire about becoming a Trustee with our branch.

As an RSPCA branch we are always looking for Trustees to help manage and run the branch. We are a varied group of people who all volunteer our time each month to help animals in our local area. We all have differing skills based on our backgrounds and age but use this to our advantage and the benefit of the branch. It will involve 3-4 hours a week on average worked around your normal day to day life and one meeting per month held in the evening. Depending on what is happening there may be some ad-hoc activities or meetings that you may attend.

All of our trustees have a different background from HR, IT, recruitment, retired or volunteering in the shop and fundraising activities. As long as you are willing to get involved and help out where you can get in touch. If you want to find out more and have an information chat with a trustee contact us here.

We are currently really looking for a Branch Chair and a Trustee who can work on our animal welfare and support our Branch Operations Manager.  We are also looking for any Trustees to specialise in Fundraising! 

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Branch Trustee details