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Franky was signed over into our care as he wasn’t getting on with an older cat in his original home.

Franky is only a year old. He is friendly but needs a home with experienced owners as he hisses and nips when he is stressed. This has been a problem at the cattery where he is being boarded as as it is quite busy at times. We are sure that once settled into a calm, loving new home this behaviour will cease. Franky is an inquisitive and lively cat and as you can see he is quite difficult to take photos of!

Because of his history Frank needs a home where he is the only pet and preferably no children.

If you would like to offer Franky a new home please complete an application form.

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  • I need to be able to go outside and explore
  • I’d prefer to be the only cat in a home

Adoption FAQs

Currently it is £100 for a single cat or Kitten and £160 for a pair. This fee can be waived for older cats and cats with FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus). We occasionally rehome dogs and the fee will vary depending on the dog.

All of our animals are assessed by a vet when received into our care and their health needs assessed as well as being wormed and flea treated.

Each animal that is adopted will ultimately have different needs and we consider each case individually. Our main considerations are we do not rehome animals in the same area as they have come from. We ensure that the persons home it suitable for the animal for example, an outdoor cat cannot be rehomed to an indoor only home, is the animal suitable to be rehomed with children.

All cats, dogs & rabbits adopted through the RSPCA have 4 weeks free insurance.  After that time insurance will need to be provided by the owner.  We talk to all potential owners about the cost of owning an animal and how important insurance is.

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